Carbonic ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide and is usually used at parties and special events, to create special special effects with the help of heavy smoke. Carbonic ice is also frequently used in the food industry, to transport and store food or drinks.

In Bacau, dry ice is used in restaurants, bars, clubs or bars, during special events, as follows:

  • Dry ice granules can be placed in a glass to create a spectacular smoke effect. Carbonated ice can be used with any type of drink, whether it’s hard drinks or non-alcoholic drinks.
  • Dry ice plays an important role in keeping food fresh, being a very effective cooling agent compared to regular ice, because it is colder and does not leave moisture.
  • The heavy smoke machine is another impressive way to use dry ice. With its help, you can create an impressive layer of smoke that floats on the surface of the dance floor.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or a private party, dry ice helps you turn any event into an unforgettable moment. That’s why is always available to customers and distributors in Bacau.

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If you are from Bacau and want to buy carbonic ice from, you will get advantageous prices: 1 box 18 kg = ice + packaging + transport + VAT = 220 lei
Orders can be made online, at the email address
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Cash, at the company headquarters: Iasi, Calea Chisinaului (next to Coca Cola)
Bank transfer to the account: RO87 BTRL RONC RT05 6645 1901 Bank: Transilvania, NEO GAZ SRL, Iasi.
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