Blasting – cleaning with dry ice

This is a cleaning method that uses dry ice at high pressure to remove dirt.


  • Does not damage surfaces, easily removes all contaminants;
  • Does not leave behind chemicals or residue after cleaning;
  • The equipment does not require dismantling or disassembly;
  • Suitable even for complex electrical devices.

At least once in your life, have you faced such a bad dirt and thought that nothing can really erase it? Most likely, you have not heard of sandblasting, because it can clean almost any surface from any contamination, even the most complex. Cryogenic blasting is a cleaning method that uses dry ice at high pressure to remove contaminants. From the outside it looks a lot like sandblasting or pressure cleaning. But dry ice stands out because of its greater efficiency and versatility:
A bonus for everything is the high working speed, waste-free operation, disinfection and protection against bacteria and mold. Sandblasting solves some of the most popular tasks at any enterprise.
Features of dry ice cleaning:

  • dry ice is not toxic, so it does not require special working conditions;
  • soiled items do not require transportation;
  • dry ice removes persistent dirt and cleans small elements very well;
  • it is suitable for electrical equipment, does not produce short circuits or oxidation;
  • does not scratch or leave marks on smooth surfaces as it does not contain abrasive particles.

What can you clean with dry ice?