Carbon ice is also called solid carbon dioxide or dry ice, because it does not melt in liquid form, but goes directly into gaseous form. This is, in fact, frozen carbon dioxide, and it is obtained by compressing it to the stage of liquefaction. When the pressure is released, part of the liquid will turn into gas and another part will turn into ice.
One of the most popular uses of dry ice is to create special effects, such as fog or the smoke. When combined with water, dry ice produces a cold mixture of carbon dioxide and moist air, which causes the condensation of water vapor in the air, forming fog.
In the clubs, restaurants or bars of Buzau, the ice carbonica started to be used more and more frequently, thanks to the visual effects highly appreciated by customers:

  • The smoke created with the heavy smoke machine. This fog or smoke effect is used especially at weddings. During the waltz of the bride and groom, the heavy smoke machine generates a dense fog above the dance floor, in a layer of 30-35 cm.
  • Smoky drinks. With a few granules of dry ice, a spectacular effect of heavy smoke is created in the customers’ glasses

Order carbonic ice in Buzau
Organize a special event in your bar or restaurant in Buzau with the help of carbonic ice, which you can order on, at affordable prices. Orders can be placed online, at the email address office[at] or by phone at the following number: 0764.99.88.77.
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1 box 18 kg = ice + packaging + transport + VAT = 220 lei
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