Thanks to its qualities, dry ice is often used in bars, restaurants and wedding or concert halls in Bistrita Nasaud to create special special effects.

If you want to organize a wedding, a birthday, a private party or any other important event in Bistrita Nasaud, dry ice is a unique way to turn a simple party into an unforgettable moment.

In Bistrita Nasaud, dry ice can be used in any restaurant, bar or club in various forms:

  • With the help of carbonic ice, a spectacular heavy smoke effect can be obtained in the glasses of drinks or cocktails. With just a few grains of dry ice, each glass can be decorated with a spectacular layer of heavy smoke
  • The heavy smoke machine is ideal for creating a special atmosphere at weddings, to mark a special moment of the evening, such as, for example, the waltz of the bride and groom. All the guests will be impressed by the smoke on the dance floor.

Order dry ice in Bistrita Nasaud

If you want to organize a special event in Bistrita Nasaud, contact with confidence. With the help of carbonic ice, you will be able to impress your guests at weddings, birthdays, Halloween parties or private parties.

Orders can be made online, at the email address office[at] or by phone at the following number: 0764.99.88.77.

Here are the prices on

1 box 18 kg = ice + packaging + transport + VAT = 220 lei

If you need the delivery of at least 72 Kg (4 boxes) of dry ice in Bistrita Nasaud, contact us and we will make you an offer.

Fast delivery in Bistrita Nasaud! delivers the dry ice in Bistrita Nasaud in the shortest possible time. Dry ice is delivered to Bistrita Nasaud in special containers. These are mostly polystyrene heat-insulating boxes, and their transport is done outside the vehicle – most of the time, in a trailer attached to it.